At VFOF, our goal is to inspire and stimulate our audience to explore, and get excited about their relationship with the ocean by bringing together local and international filmmakers and presenters in a multimedia event and film competition.


We are now a 1% For the Planet Business Member!

Vancouver Festival of Ocean Films is proud to announce that we have joined the One Percent for the Planet family of businesses!

At the VFOF, we share business values with One Percent for the Planet that include the sustainability of our community, our environment and our resources. Though we are in the business of running a film festival, at VFOF we draw inspiration from companies and organizations who engage in fair practices and social enterprise. Those inspirations have allowed us to commit all our profits to the Georgia Strait Alliance who are helping to protect our local waters.

At VFOF, we seek out partners and audiences who share our values and who want to support our vision of all the while being excited and educated about the sports and issues of the oceans. On May 7th, we will be joining our title sponsor Mountain Equipment Coop, Michael Green Architecture, the Georgia Strait Alliance along with many more of our friends as we have a bit of a launch party!

We thank you all for your continued support and hope that you will join us this June 3, 4, and 5 for our 5th season!

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7 thoughts on “Welcome!

    1. nomig Post author

      No, not at all. However to purchase online tickets you need to create a free account with their website but this is not a membership with VIFF. Tickets are available here

      1. Anonymous


        Thanks for the information…..the link indicates the Sat screening starts at 5 pm. Is that a typo? Please confirm the screening starts at 7pm.

        Thank you!

        1. nomig Post author

          The June 8th screening is indeed @ 7PM. Thank you for noticing that – we will get them to update their site.

  1. surfed out

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to provide feedback on the screening tonight. While I appreciate what you are doing and very much enjoyed “Stand” I found the remainder of the screening to be far too focused on surfing. It left me feeling this should be called the Vancouver Festival of Surfing Videos. After watching the teaser for “Stand” I assumed the other short films would be in a similar vein and really celebrate the ocean’s fauna, flora, cultures etc. While a couple were interesting, not everyone can watch so much surfing in one sitting. It was particularly unfortunate that the last film was so long and drawn out and simplistic in its approach and message. I hope you’ll avoid this in future years and wish you the best in finding more films that “…Inspire, Educate, Involve”.


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